Craft 1 Research Session Dates              9/2  – How to Research Your CD Beat Memo

9/16 – Clip Searches Using Lexis and Factiva

10/14 – People Finding & Social Media

11/4 – Cops, Courts, Crime

11/11 – Finding Experts

11/18 – Advanced Web Searching

12/9 – Fact-checking


Craft 1 Research Learning Outcomes

By the end of Craft 1, you should be able to:  perform background research, find people and experts, do a clips search using Lexis Nexis/Factiva, locate & utilize primary sources such as court records; verify the accuracy and reliability of research sources, and search the web more efficiently.





• 15% of your final grade will come from the research work we do.  Be prepared to participate in class!  All drills, quizzes and assignments will be graded.

• The Research Center is your Newsroom Research Desk!  Barbara Gray’s Research Guides will answer many of your questions.

• The CUNY J-Tool iPhone app is up & running!

• Class Blog  All research sessions will be archived on the site.  Use embedded hyperlinks to access sites and databases we discuss in class.

 • Deadlines:  I will try to respond to your research questions within 24 hours.  Before you ask for my help, try to spend at least 20 minutes of research on your own.  In your e-mail request, specify what work you’ve done already and your deadline.