Today’s session is Preparing Your Community District Beat Memo:  You will be assigned one of NYC’s 59 community districts in South Brooklyn – as your beat.  The purpose of the CD Beat Memo is to demonstrate understanding of your community.



  • Department of City Planning’s Community Data Portal – To get you acquainted with your CD, take a look at the “Community District Profile” and the “Community District Fiscal Needs” statement.  These documents will provide demographic information, community board issues, and more.  This is the source for much of the beat memo data.
  •  Brooklyn Community Boards – Provides community board contact information, websites, and police precinct(s).  Who are some of the major players in the community?  What issues are they discussing?
  • NYC Census Fact-Finder – Provides easy access to U.S. Census Bureau population information for New York City.
  • New York City’s online map portal – NYCityMap is an excellent GIS source for finding services available in your communityYou can search by address and identify building and property information, neighborhood information and elected official information. You can also find the nearest library, post office, etc.
  • Reference USA:  Contains detailed information on more than 14 million U.S. businesses, 210 million U.S. residents, 855,000 U.S. health care providers, and Canadian businesses and households.
  • Infoshare:  Gives access to demographic information about New York City culled from city, state, and federal sources.
  • New York City PUMAS and Community Districts: PDF