Google and Beyond

Google: Search the web or just news, scholarly articles, images, data and tables

Google News  Search news and news archives

Google Scholar  Search for scholarly articles and case law. Also helpful for finding experts

Google Images Search for an image by keyword, or reverse search an existing photo

Google Public Data Explorer  Search and visualize larget, sourced datasets

Google Tables  Searches for terms in fusion tables and web tables

Advanced Google Searching

Operators: Use these to refine you Google search:

Phrase search – Use quotation marks if you want Google to search for words next to each other. It works really well with names:  “Sarah Bartlett.” If you don’t want to miss middle initial or middle name do this: “Sarah * Bartlett”

Domain Search –  “james foley”, this searches for the phrase James Foley, only in the nytimes domain. You can do this with any domain. You can also search, site:,gov,

Exclude a word (use minus sign). Here’s a news search I do all the time: New York, NY -basketball -football -baseball -tennis -soccer -hockey

Verbatim Search-  Use quotes around a word to search it verbatim and not search any variations: “psychologist.” This search won’t replace psychologist with psychology or psychiatrist

More google search operators

Click on Search Tools in your results: You can use these to refine your Google results


Beyond Google

How to Evaluate Websites

  • Any page can provide useful leads to information. Don’t stop there!
  • Authority – whose page is it? Go to the “About” page on the site. Search to see if registry info is public.
  • Domain name: .edu, .gov, .mil?
  • Do you recognize the agency, institution, individual?
  • Peer-reviewed, edited scholarly publication or reference work.
  • If the page sources the info, go to the source.
  • Is the info current? Always look for the most recent info from a primary source.
  • Recognize parody or bias – e.g.,

Deep Web

  • Anything behind a pay wall, that requires registration or a query search is not indexed by Google.
  • Commercial databases like:

NYC Council hearings

  • The NYC Council Website has committee reports, hearing transcripts or hearing testimony, which can provide illuminating information and data on your topic.
  • Duplicate the search below in Google and add your own topic keywords, like we used the word “rent” below: “committee report” and rent

Free Deep Web Sites

Sites with Leaked or FOIA’d Info

Social & Transparency Data Sites